Retro Reflective Road Sign Boards Manufacturers in India

Solution: Our YNM Cautionary , Mandatory and Informatory Sign boards made out of High Intensity prismatic Retro reflective sheeting Conforming to IRC-67:2010&Type XI standards of ASTM D 4956 09 fixed over 1.5mm thick aluminiumsheet and fixed over back support frame of MS angle 25x25x3mm all roundand mounted on 75x75x6mm L angle. The sign post should be painted with one coat of primer and 2 coats of synthetic enamel paint of every 30cm with black and white color. The sign post firmly fixed to the ground br means of properly designed foundation with M15 grade cement concrete 45 cm x 45 cm x 60 cm, 60 cm below ground level etc complete ( As per Morth Spec. no 801 ) as per the directed by the engineer in charge. 5 Years waranty Certificate for Type IV retro reflective sheeting & a certified copy of test reports from an independent test laboratory conforming to cluase 6.7 & 6.9 of IRC 67-2012 including 3 years outdoor weather exposure report for the retro reflective sheeting shall be obtained from the retro reflective sheeting manufacturer by the contractors and shall be submitted to engineer-in-charge. Road Sign Boards are used for to control the traffic on highways, roads and junctions.  Road Sign Boards also called as Road Signs, Road Safety Sign, Traffic Signs, Traffic Sign Board, Safety Signage, and Sign Boards.   

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Cautionary or Warning or Precautionary Signs

Road Safety Signages Applications:

 Sign Boards are used in Roads and Highways as per NHAI and IRC.

Lanes and Parking Places


Bus and Railway Stations

Schools, Colleges and Hospitals.   

Traffic signs give information about the road conditions ahead, provide instructions to be followed at the major crossroads or junctions, warn or guide drivers, and ensure proper functioning of road traffic. These sign boards are designed and manufactured using premium quality raw material and advanced printing machines at our vendor's end. Our provided sign boards are widely demanded for helping people in understanding the traffic rules and are placed on highways, airports, schools, offices, roads, etc. Available in various designs, colors and sizes as per the clients specific needs. Quality- sorted range of Highway Sign Boards. These sign boards are mostly used in highways, roads, lanes to give directions and indications to the drivers. Visible from long distance, this range of products help in managing traffic.

Road Safety Signs are primarily of Six types:

1. Mandatory Signs: We are Leading Manufacturer of Mandatory Sign Boards like Give way (900 mm triangle), Stop Sign (900 mm triangle), Comulsory Control Signs (600mm dia.), Speed Limit (600 mm dia.). These signs are used to ensure free movement of traffic and make the road users cognizant of certain laws and regulations, restrictions and prohibitions. Violation of these signs is an offence, as per law.

Features: Helps in managing traffic on roads

Developed in accordance with the motor vehicles act 1998

Visible at night

 Avoids the violation of traffic rules

Road safety mandatory signs

2. Cautionary Signs:  We are Leading Manufacturer of Cautionary / Warning Signs like Left / Right Curve (900 mm Triangle ), Side Road (900 mm Triangle), Cross Road (900 mm Triangle), Intersection Sign (900 mm Triangle), Merging Traffic Sign (900mm Triangle), Reduced Carriageway Sign ( 900 mm Triangle), Pedestrain Crossing (900 mm Triangle), School Sign (900 mm Triangle), Built-up Area (900 mm Triangle), Two-Way on Cross (900 mm Triangle), Single Chevron (550 x 600), Double Chevron (600 x 1550), Objected Hazard (One way) (300 x 900), Objected Hazard (Two way) (450 x 900). These signs make the road users conscious of hazardous conditions on the road beforehand. The drivers, accordingly, take necessary actions to handle the situation.


Indicates directions

Provided information about the distances

Manages traffic

Visible from long distances

Weather resistance

Eye catching

Available in standard sizes and shapes of an equilateral triangle

3. Informatory Signs:  We are Leading Manufacturer of Informatory Signs like Truck lay by,Toll Booth Ahead, Facility Information Signs, Advance Direction / Destination Signs, Reassurance Sign, Village Name Boards, Router Marker Signs. These signs guide the road users about destinations, distance, alternative routes, and prominent locations like food joints, public toilets, nearby hospitals, etc.


Available in vivid colors

Available in various styles

Eye catching

Visible from long distances

Provides important information on roads

Some other Types of boards:

4. Highway sign boards: We are Leading Manufacturers and Supplier of Aluminium Alloy plate for Over Head Sign / cantilever Signs like Overhead Signs ( At starting and end of project), Cantilever ( At Toll Plaza). These sign boards are mostly used in highways to give directions and indications to the drivers. Visible from long distance, this range of products help in managing traffic.


Indicates directions

Provided information about the distances

Manages traffic

Visible from long distances

5. Corporate road sign boards:  We use retro reflective sheeting fabricated by 3M, Avery Dannison as per clients' specifications. Our products are designed using optimal quality raw materials which are long lasting and weather resistive.


Visible even in minimum light at night

Corrosion resistant

Quality fabrication & superior signage construction

Substrate option aluminum & ACP

6. Pedestrian Sign Boards:  Road Safety Tips For Pedestrians

Walk on footpath - 50% of people killed in road accidents are Pedestrians only.

Always Remain Alert While On Road. It is effectual to walk on road sides, if it is having footpaths In case, if it is not having the foot paths and then walk on right side.

It is highly recommended to make use of zebra crossing, subways and foot- over bridge. People are recommended that they should be crossing the roads only when vehicles are at a distance.

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