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Road Furniture like Aluminum Road Studs Installation Process / Road Markers / Road Studs with lenses Reflector: Providing and fixing of road studs 100 x 100 mm , Die-Cast in Aluminium, resistant to corrosive effect of salt and grit, fitted with lense reflectors, installed in concrete or asphaltic surface by drilling hole 30mm up to a depth of 60mm and bedded in a suitable bituminous grout or epoxy mortar, aa as per BS 873 part 4:1973.
Aluminum Road Studs  are used for managing to control the road traffic. This range of products helps in avoiding the risks of accidents. Manufactured from the high quality material in a technically advanced manufacturing unit, these studs are highly acclaimed for various qualitative features. Road studs also called as Cat Eyes, 3M Road Studs, 3m Cat Eyes, Solar Road Studs, Plastic Road Stud, ABS Road Stud, Aluminum Road Stud, Solar cat eyes, and solar road stud with shank, Road Studs with Shank, Road Studs without Shank.
Aluminum Road Studs are visible from long distances.

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These are installing with Epoxy & Hardener on the road. It is used on roads or complexes to provide high visibility guidance at night or on harsh weather days. The cat eyes used in the road stud glow and provide good amount of visibility.
Reflective Road Studs have high intensity reflective material (Reflective Lens or Swarflex glass beads) for excellent visibility & performance. This can be use on heavy traffic road for Center Lane Marking, Edge Lane Marking, and Diversion of Road etc…
Our engineers and technical team also provide customized designs Road Studs as per customer requirements and applications. Advanced techniques are used to produce Impact Resistant Road Studs with precision. The road reflector studs can bear severe impacts and its specific reflective panel of the studs provides very high reflectivity. We suggested to put them on the roadside with easy installation & no electricity cost.Ideal for highways, parking lots and roads for giving direction to motorist to give extra time in emergencies.

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Aluminum Road Studs Specifications and Features:

Aluminium Road Studs HSN Code: 76040000

1. Material: Aluminium Alloy.
2. Size Length: 100 mm
3. Width: 100 mm
4. Height: 20 mm
5. Type: Without Shank
6. Centre Lane Marking
7. Edge Lane Marking
8. comp. Strength: 40 M Tons.
9. 5 Years Warranty against any Manufacturing Defect but not Usage Defect / Natural Calamity.

1.  Road Studs Type of Material ABS / Plastic / Aluminium / Solar Aluminium.

2. Center Lane Marking

3. Edge Lane Marking
4. Easy installation with Reflectors and no maintenance required.
5. This studs are easily visible from long distance
 6. Special Aluminum casting body gives long lasting performance even in bad weather condition.
 7. Reliable compact designs.
 8. Reduce use of Headlight high beam
9.  Alternative to expensive street lighting in remote areas
10. Reliable and compact design
 11. Manufactured from aluminum alloy & PC
 12. Compression load resistance over 25 tons
 13. Available in RED, Yellow colors
 14. Viewing distance over 500 Meters

Aluminum Road Stud cat eyes Applications:

1.Traffic management

2. Traffic control

3. Road safety

4. Highways

5. Roads

6. Parking Lots

7. Commercial Buildings

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