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What is N95 Respirator Mask?

A respirator mask is a personal protective equipment that prevents the wearer from inhaling 
aerosols as well as vapors or gases that are health hazards. Unlike normal surgical mask that only protects against infectious droplets (e.g. droplets of saliva or other secretions), respirator mask can also protect the wearer from inhaling micro airborne infectious agents such as airborne virus (including coronavirus, SARS, H1N1, etc).

We are a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of N95 Nose Mask in India. It's no secret that jobs in the construction industry are tough. Not only are the hours long, but workers are often exposed to various types of hazards ranging from overexposure to chemicals to unguarded machines. We Particulate Respirators deliver the protection you expect and the comfort you need for all-day wear.To help minimize the risks of these and other dangers, manager should consider providing their employees with safety clothing such Particulate Respirators without Valve (N95).Not only are they wearable, they're also durable thanks to the woven elastic ultrasonically bonded head straps. They'll stay in place even while engaging in activities like sweeping, sanding, woodworking and grinding. And because they are latex-free, they won't cause any allergic reactions.


Tested for mean particle size of 0.6 Microns.

Filtering efficiency: More than 95%

Aluminium Nose clip for better fit

Silicon & Latex Free 

Polyester inner and outer shells.

Head straps are ultrasonically bonded to the mask, no staples are used. 

N95 mask Weight below 12 grams 

Global Product Type: Respirators-Disposable Mask 

Respirator Type: Mask 

Rating: N95

Resistance: Dust 

Material(s): Polyester 

Valved: No

Size: One Size Fits All

Bendable soft foam nose pad 

Highly visible, color-coded head straps

NIOSH Certified N95 Face Mask

No exhalation valve 

Meets NIOSH "42 CFR 84 N95" requirements

N95 mask Scope: Protect them from inhaling any kind of contaminated particles.

N-95 Nose Masks are used nowadays for both personal use in daily life as well as in industries and factories due to the increase level of pollution.

It is used in factories where workers are open to chemicals and dust.

These Nose masks ensure the personnel safety and protection from inhaling any kind of contaminated Particles, hazardous dust, fumes and odor.

It is also widely used in thermal nuclear power research labs and pharmaceutical industry.

N95 mask is an NIOSH certified product 


What is N95 Nose Mask? N95 Respirators. An N95 respirator is a respiratory protective device 
designed to achieve a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles. 
The 'N95' designation means that when subjected to careful testing, the respirator blocks at least 95% of very small (0.3 micron) test particles.

Description of N95 Nose Mask? Nose Mask is a product which helps to protect ourselves from dangers flue attacks and helps us from many dangers which occur through air pollution. The N95 Nose Mask is made up of 100% pure cotton with two bands on each side which helps to wear the N95 Nose Mask. 

The two bands are of Blue colour. 

Why We Use N95 Nose Mask? We use N95 Nose mask to protect ourselves from dangerous hazards. Now days due to heavy pollution in different ways we are affecting with unknown diseases and Hazards. 

To protect ourselves from these different unknown hazards and diseases we need to get fresh air without any chemicals in air, but that is not possible in these heavy industrial and commercial days. So we need to take a prevention to avoid such diseases by wearing N95 Respirator Nose Masks.

Where are they used? There is no Particular Place for N95 Nose Mask, we can wear anywhere such as hospitals, schools, offices, railway stations, Industries, the areas where chemicals are used, the areas where heavy dirty particles are there, the place where a traffic is mose like to protect from dust and etc., this helps ourselves to take a part to protect ourselves from different Hazards.  

2. Disposable Face Mask
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Disposable 3 Ply Face Mask Description:We are well recognized Manufacturer and Exporter of 3Ply Face Mask. These mask provide complete facial protection to medical professionals during patient care activities. The tie elastic keeps it attached to the face and it carries great bacterial filtration efficiency. We process these products using best quality raw products. Our esteemed clients can avail these at the best market price.The Disposable Face Mask is designed to provide a protective covering to the face in such a way that it doesn’t allow germs to enter human body while breathing. YNM Safety is counted as one of the notable Medical Face Mask Manufacturer and Exporters from India.

Disposable Face Mask  Specifications:

No Of Ply: 2ply and 3ply

Material: All Sizes NON WOVEN

Color: White, Blue

Mask Securing Method:Earloop

Is It Foldable: Foldable.

Disposable Face Nose Mask Application:

The Disposable 3 Ply Face Mask (Tie band) available with us is hygienically manufactured from non woven fabrics that are light, breathable & low linting spun bonded in nature. This mask offers protection from dust and mild vapors and is used in industry, medical, food and clean room applications.

Surgical, Laboratory Use etc., Medical Procedure, Dental

Fit for use in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and diagnostic centers.

3. Medical Disposable Nitrile Gloves

YNM safety has been one among the most prominent manufacturers and exporters of disposable latex surgical gloves & examination gloves in India. YNM safety is the India's leading manufacturer of good quality Latex surgical gloves, Powdered & PowderFree and Latex Examination gloves to protect health care professionals, workers and patients.Nitrile gloves are made out of a synthetic rubber, and are an ideal alternative when latex allergies are of concern. Nitrile gloves are the superior glove when it comes to puncture resistance.Medical gloves are made of different polymers including latex, nitrile rubber, polyvinyl chloride and neoprene; they come unpowdered, or powdered with corn starch to lubricate the gloves, making them easier to put on the hands.Latex and nitrile gloves are commonly used when dealing with high-risk situations involving blood, bodily fluids or patients with infectious diseases. Both latex and vinyl gloves can be used for low-risk, general procedures such as a non-invasive physical exam.

Nitrile gloves have a good, general chemical resistance and are generally less expensive than other gloves. ... In an effort to prevent latex allergies, medical gloves are often made out of nitrile because it is also resistant to oils and fats in the body, Groce explained.There are three different types of medical gloves in common use--latex, vinyl, and nitrile. Latex is made from rubber, a natural material. Latex is most often used in medical procedures. Vinyl is a synthetic man-made material made of plastic from ethylene and chlorine.Gloves help keep your hands clean and lessen your chance of getting germs that can make you sick. Wear gloves every time you touch blood, bodily fluids, bodily tissues, mucous membranes, or broken skin. You should wear gloves for this sort of contact, even if a patient seems healthy and has no signs of any germs.

Nitrile Disposable Gloves Description: Manufactured from synthetic nitrile rubber our disposable nitrile gloves eliminate the risk of allergic reactions associated with latex gloves. Textured finish provides enhanced fingertip grip and dexterity in both wet and dry conditions. 100 gloves per box. Nitrile gloves work very well in harsh, high-stress environment. Made from nitrile material, these synthetic exam gloves are known for providing excellent protection to a wide range of chemicals in addition to being an effective barrier against blood-borne pathogens.Powder Free Nitrile Examination Gloves are manufactured using synthetic Nitrile latex, offering high resistance to chemicals and are puncture resistant. They are powder free, reducing the risk of allergic reactions. Uncompromised quality control ensures that each glove provides maximum protection against infections while providing superior comfort.Nitrile Examination Gloves work very well in harsh, high-stress environment. Made from nitrile material, these synthetic exam gloves are known for providing excellent protection to a wide range of chemicals in addition to being an effective barrier against blood-borne pathogens.

Nitrile Disposable Gloves Features:

CE certified

Manufactured from synthetic nitrile rubber

Disposable nitrile gloves eliminate the risk of allergic reaction associated with latex gloves

Textured finish provides enhanced fingertip grip and dexterity in both wet and dry conditions

Excellent Barrier Protection.

Chemical Resistance.


Nitrile Disposable Gloves Specifications:

Product Material: Nitrile

Colour/Fit/Size: Blue/ Reg S/7 / XXL or Black / Reg S/7 / XXL

100 gloves per box

Nitrile Disposable Gloves Standards: 

AS/NZS 2161.2

AS/NZS 2161.3

AS/NZS 2161.10.1

EN 455 Part 1 & 2

EN ISO 374-1:2016 Type C (K > 480 mins)

CE Food Safe

4. Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Hand sanitiser wipes in India,Hand Sanitizing Wipes Manufacturers in India,Hand Sanitizing Wipes Manufacturers in India, We are a popular Manufacturer and exporter of Hand Sanitizing Wipes in India. Hand Sanitizing Wipes Manufacturers in India, Hand Sanitizing Wipes Exporter in India, Hand Sanitizing Wipes Exporter in India, Hand Sanitizing Wipes Exporter from in India.


Hand Sanitizing Wipes / Hand sanitiser wipes Description: Hand sanitising wipe with antibacterial and anti fungal action - effective against 99.9% of bacteria including Human Influenza H1N1 and H3N2. Independently tested to European standards EN12054 & EN14476. Hand Wipes or Hand Sanitizer Wipes - Our hand sanitizer wipes clean up sticky hands when you're on the go and soap and water aren't readily available.Hand Sanitizing Wipes is specially formulated to sanitize hands before and after the meal. It has high-quality ingredients not only kills bacteria but also wipe the m off from hands.

Hand Sanitizing Wipes - the gentle way to clean hands at home, in the car, at a restaurant, and on the go. Containing no harsh chemicals, they are safe to use on hands and faces. These wipes are soft textured and durable to easily clean up you and your family. The 20 Count travel pack fits just about anywhere making it convenient to take with you on the go. These wipes provide safe and effective cleaning when soap and water are not available and they are dermatologist tested. YNM Safety Hand Sanitizing Wipes contain benzalkonium chloride (BAK), which effectively kills 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness. The convenience of this small canister design allows you to have the germ kill power to clean and sanitize hands at home, at work, or on-the-go. This multi-pack includes 6 Clean Refreshing Scent travel packs containing 20 wipes each.

Hand Sanitizing Wipes / Hand Sanitiser wipes specifications:

Product Material: Polyviscose

Colour/Fit/Size: Blue / Reg

Additional Sizing Info: 195mm x 200mm

Hand Sanitizing Wipes / Hand sanitiser wipes Features:

Alcohol Content 3

Fragrance Free.

Hand Sanitizing Wipes / Hand sanitiser wipes Standards: 

EN 12054

EN 14476

Personal Care Wipes - Our personal wipes can be used for personal hygiene at home or on the go.Face Wipes or Facial Cleansing Wipes - After a long trip it's easy to feel greasy and tired. Swipe your face with one of our face wipes and you'll feel brand new.Hand Wipes or Hand Sanitizer Wipes - Our hand sanitizer wipes clean up sticky hands when you're on the go and soap and water aren't readily available.

Adult Wipes or Wipes for Adults - Perfectly suited to modern lifestyles, our adult wipes are created to be your companion when you are in the fast lanes of life.Wet Wipes for Oily Face - Cleanse your face the easy way with our facial wipes for oily skin. Busy people who struggle with oily skin will love these wipes.

5. Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizers Manufacturers in India,Hand Sanitizer in India, We are a popular manufacturer and exporter of Hand Sanitizer in India. Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in India, Hand Sanitizer  in India, Hand Sanitizer Exporter in India.

Hand sanitizers are nowadays used as an alternative to washing hands using soap and water. Hand sanitizers are highly recommended because of their effectiveness in killing germs and microorganisms. The active component in the hand sanitizers is alcohol. The alcohol-based sanitizers account to the largest market share in the global hand sanitizers market. The hand sanitizers find extensive use in hospitals and food service providers where hand hygiene is of high importance. The hand sanitizer market is expected to witness double-digit growth in the forecast period.

Hand Sanitizer Specifications:

However the ingredients are for 100 ml, Neem Extract 3%, aloe Vera extract 1%, Isopropyl alcohol 60%, carbomer glycerine,propylene glycol, exuyl50, neolene, triethanolamine, aqua, fragrance.

It is effective against a wide range of both gram negative and gram positive bacteria and can be use prior to & after handling uncooked food.

It removes all bacteria from your hands.

Use: Hand Cleaning

Form: Gel

Features: Antiseptic, Dust Removing, Enhance Skin, Hygienically Processed, No Side Effects

Hand Sanitizer Packing Details:10 ml Pen Sanitizer, 30 ml Pet bottle, 50 ml Pet bottle. 

Hand Sanitizer Packing Details in loose quanity : 5kg, 10kg, 25kg,  50kg Plastic Carbouys Packing.

6. Infrared Digital Non Contact Thermometer

Infrared forehead thermometer manufacturers in india, Thermometer gun manufacturers in india, Infrared Thermometer in India, Handheld temperature gun Manufacturer & Exporter ?? in India, Infrared Thermometer Manufacturers in India, Medical Infrared Thermometer  in India, We are a popular manufacturer and exporter of Infrared Thermometer for Covid19 or novel corona virus in India. Infrared Thermometer Manufacturers in India, Medical Checkup Infrared Thermometer for to Check Body Temperature in India, Infrared Thermometer Importer in India, Infrared Thermometer in India, Infrared Thermometer Exporter from India. 

Infrared Thermometer is a non contact, compact, rugged and easy to use. It measures the surface temperature of an object in less than a second. Safely measures surface temperatures of hot, hazardous or hard to reach objects without contact.The digital infrared thermometer gun comprises a LCD display, processing unit, optics and temperature sensor signal amplifier. Infrared energy is captured by optics and focuses on the sensor, which then translates energy into an electric signal. This signal is shown on the LCD as a digital temperature.

About Infrared Thermometer: infrared thermometer india, Non Contact Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer With 1 Second Quick Measurement, 3 in 1 Measurement Mode, Auto On/off & Backlight.  non-contact Forehead Thermometer Provides fast forehead temperature measurement, suitable for all ages, including infants and young children. 

Infrared Thermometer Features and cautions:

Measures forehead body temperature with no contact

Measures surface temperature, from a milk bottle or food dispenser, for example.

With memory for 25 readings, it's possible to track temperature changes over a period of time and monitor trends.

Thanks to the backlit screen, readings can be clearly at nighttime, making it especially handy 

when measuring your baby's temperature at night.

Infrared Thermometer Specifications: 

1. CE,FDA, ROHS,FCC approval

2. Medical Production Licence. Registration Code, 

3. Commodity Inspection Report

4. Full set of Documents can be provided for exporting.

5. Dimensions:H149mm x L77mm x 43mm

6. Temperature Alarm: "DiDiDi" notifysound when the body temperature is over than 37.5°C

7. Temperature Dispaly : 32°C - 37.5°C - Normal

           Above 37.5°C - Have a Fever

8. High Precision infrared sensors: The arror is less than or eual to 0.2°C 

          Quality inspection , Intelligent Measurement and Accurate calibration.

7. Reusable Hazmat Suit for Medical Application

Reusable Hazmat Coverall Suit for Medical manufacturer in India, Reusable Hazmat Suit for Medical Application in India, We are Leading manufacturer and Exporter of Reusable Hazmat Coverall Suit for Medical in India, Reusable Hazmat Suit for Medical in India, Reusable Hazmat Suit for Medical Exporter from India, Reusable Hazmat Suit for Medical in India.

Reusable Hazmat Coverall Suit Protection against?  This standard makes it possible to assess the level of performance of protective clothing designed for protection against rain, moisture 

The performances of the EN 343: 2003 +A1:2007 standard are 

• Resistance to penetration of water (outer material, seams and insert) : class 1 The materials are tested before and after pre-treatment: dry cleaning, abrasion, repeated bending, impact of fuel and oil. The lowest class is selected for tagging

• Resistance to evaporation: class 1 ( there is up to class 3)

• Tensile strength of outer material, 

• Resistance to tearing of the outer material

• Resistance of the outer seam of the clothing

Reusable Hazmat Coverall Suit for Medical Appication (2 PIECE SUIT) - L440

Reusable Hazmat Coverall Suit for Medical Appication Description: The Essentials Rain Suit offers value, practicality and durability in one set. The lightweight two piece suit can be conveniently packed away, easily rolling up to be stored for wet weather use. Available in a retail pack, perfect for instore displays. 

Reusable Hazmat Coverall Suit for Medical Appication Specifications:

Shell Fabric: 100% Polyester, 190T, PVC coated


Navy / Reg S - 3XL

Yellow / Reg S - 3XL

Reusable Hazmat Coverall Suit Standards: EN 343: 2003 +A1: 2007

The product referred to in this Declaration satisfies the essential safety and health requirements of the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 - and, where such is the case, with the national standard transposing harmonised standard No:

EN 343 Class 3:1(EN343:2003 + A1:2007)