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Avery Dennison Road Traffic Control Reflective Safety Material Suppliers in India,Road Studs / Raised pavement Markers (RPM)  - Bonded to or anchored within road surface for lane marking and delineation for night visibility with plastic body of RPM / road studs molded from ASA / ABS ( acrylic styrene Acrylonitrile ) or HIPS ( High Impact Polystyrene ). Reflective Panels with micro prismatic lens capable of providing total internal reflection of the light entering the lens face confirming to ASTM D 4280 and the marker shall support a load of 13635 kg tested in accordance with specification of MORTH (Ministry of Road Transport & Highways) norms. We are the Manufacture, Supplier, Wholesaler, Exporter of Road Studs, Road Studs Contractor, Road Safety Solution Provider and Installation Service provider of Road Studs / Road Marker / ABS Plastic Road Studs / Road Cat Eyes / Road Studs with Shank / Road Studs without Shank, Road Markers, Road Reflectors, Raised pavement Markers (RPM) from Hyderabad to all over India. Road Studs Specifications as per MORTH norms, IRC and NHAI norms. YNM Safety is also Providing Road Studs Installation Service and Inclusive of Epoxy & Hardener, Fixing Charges, Transportation, Labor Charges etc., Fixing shall be done without nails and using epoxy resin based adhesive as per MORTH (Ministry of Road Transport & Highways), IRC and NHAI. 

Vehicle Marking Retro Reflective Tape is used to mark the vehicles in order to avoid severe accidents during night time. The quality approved, non-toxic Retro Reflective Tapes offered by us can be used in many industries and  provide high visibility, high adhesive strength and durability. With retro-reflectivity, Our offered range of sealants, both Polyurethane and Silicone is used to fill the gaps, joints and cracks in concrete surfaces as well as enhance aesthetics.  These are manufactured using high grade raw materials offering a long service life and excellent performance. These are highly reflective and prevent accidents when applied on vehicles. Retro-reflective Tapes are mainly applied to road traffic safety products such as road & traffic sign boards, temporary sign boards and medians, and are diversely applied to safety products for night time works including reflective tapes for vehicles, safety rods and safety apparels through the deformation of the material. Returns light directly to its source by focusing light through a spherical, glass optical element, like a bead, onto a mirror reflector, or through cube corner reflectors.This technology results in retro reflective surfaces, which are excellent for returning light back to its source.This Retro Reflective Tape is effective in reducing “side” and “rear” impacts in dark condition and in “dark-not-lighted” conditions. Retro Reflective Marking Tape is also called as Reflective Fabric, Reflective Tapes, Conspicuity Tape, Vehicle Marking Reflective Tape, Radium Tape, and Marking Tapes.